Friday, January 10, 2014

Formule de salut in limba română

The Language Training Online free video lessons make learning Romanian easy and fun. This video lesson will show you the way Romanians greet each other.
All the Language Training Online videos have English subtitles so that you can easily understand the explanations given throughout the lesson.

 Romanian Greetings - video

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Take online Romanian lessons with a qualified native teacher !

Romanian One-to-OneAre you an expatriate living in Romania? Do you want to visit your friends or spend your holiday in Romania? Do you want to start a new business in Romania? Are you just curious about Romanian language and culture? Either way, what you are looking for is the online “Learn Romanian with a Native Teacher” course containing personalized lessons specially designed to meet your needs and interests.

If you ever tried to learn Romanian on your own, using a DVD course, you most probably have come to the conclusion that the lessons were nice but limited and that you need a follow up course to teach you more than just greetings and how to find your way at the airport or a train station.

Take a one-to-one course with a native Romanian teacher who can explain to you the more subtle issues of the language; including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, what to say and what not to say in certain real life situations.

Book a 30 minutes free lesson with a qualified native Romanian teacher now!

What are the advantages of one-to-one learning?
- You learn in an atmosphere that is relaxed, open and positive.
- Your progress is constantly assessed.
- You have your teacher’s full attention.
- The teacher adapts the lesson to your level and focuses on your learning needs.
- You learn at your own pace.
- You can listen and speak more Romanian than you might in a group situation.

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